Beebe Ranch had its first orchards planted on the east side of the Columbia River in 1910. In those early days the only way to reach the Ranch was by boat or ferry from Chelan Falls. By a special act of Congress the Beebe family was granted permission to build over the Columbia River. The original Beebe Bridge, the first suspension bridge in Washington, was completed in 1919, at a cost of $75,000. Upon completion it was the largest privately built and owned bridge in the world.

By 1947 the Beebe Orchard Company was the state's largest apple growing enterprise operated by a single family. By 1979 the Beebe orchard operated on a total of 627 acres and stretched over three miles along the Columbia River. It had an annual production of over 400,000 boxes of apples. In 1989 the orchards were sold to the Dole Fruit Company, and later sold to the present developers who have continued the name of Beebe Ranch.

Beebe Ranch winds along two miles of Columbia River frontage, and is situated among natural springs and creeks. Chinook and Coho Salmon, as well as Steelhead migrate past its shores. The land is home to a variety of wildlife, including big game animals, upland game birds, waterfowl, shore birds, raptors, and song birds.

Great water skiing, abundant wildlife, and magical views are all part of the Beebe Ranch experience. Located only five miles from the charming town of Chelan, Beebe Ranch enjoys the abundant recreational opportunities that Lake Chelan offers.

Priced from $199,093-$407,899


From Chelan:

  • Go North on Hwy 97A leaving Chelan
  • Turn right on Hwy 150 (east)
  • Turn right onto Hwy 97 and cross the Beebe Bridge
  • Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left on McNeil Canyon Rd.
  • Beebe Ranch entrance on left, one mile

From Wenatchee:

  • Go North on Hwy 97
  • Turn right onto McNeil Canyon Rd. just before Beebe Bridge
  • Beebe Ranch entrance on left, one mile